感謝 new.rain  姐妹的中文翻譯,希望這篇Jill Austin的文字可以成為姐妹們的幫助,我相信在神的軍隊中,姐妹們有其極為獨特的恩膏與使命,求神在華人興起更多像底波拉般的屬靈母親,使教會成為神榮耀的見證。


For Twenty Years, Deborah was

called 'a Mother in Israel '

二十年之久 底波拉被稱為以色列的母





Jill Austin

Deborah, A Mother of Israel

底波拉,一位 "以色列的母"

As I was pondering the anointing of Deborah, the Lord was showing me that Deborah not only was a prophetess, but she was also a Judge during the time Israel was living in Canaan, which was later known as Israel .


Deborah was called "a mother of Israel ." For twenty years, she would sit under the palm tree, which means "righteousness," and she would intercede and stand in the gap for Israel . The palm tree was in-between two cities. The one city was Ramah, which means "the seat of high adultery" and the other city was Bethel , which means "the House of the Lord!" She lived in the valley of Ephraim , right in-between these two cities, and she interceded in that place of the seat of adultery and the house of God.

底波拉被稱為"以色列的母"。二十年間她坐在棕櫚樹下, 象徵"公義",她站在破口中,為以色列代禱。棕櫚樹位於意為「高度姦淫」的拉瑪和「神的家」的伯特利二個城市之間的以法蓮山谷。她在中間代求。(註:士4:5 她住在以法蓮山地拉瑪和伯特利中間,在底波拉的棕樹下。以色列人都上她那裡去聽判斷。) 

She was an intercessor, a Judge and a radical prophetess of the Lord. As a Judge, she would take care of all the civil jobs, etc. She worked in the realm of the secular and was handling disputes. She moved governmentally. She was also a tender of the lamps--she would light the lamps every day.


The Bible says that Deborah arose when the city gates were at war. Many times, the Lord raises women and men prophets in various places during times of war. We are in a season of war. Just like the Lord is bringing home end-time generals, so He is also raising up a whole new army of men and women, young and old, and putting them into place. I feel the Lord is saying that this is the time not only for the Esthers--the younger generation, but for the Annas and Simeons. It's also a time for the Deborahs--the mothers of Israel to come up into place.


Women, Deborahs, who have been in slavery for decades, are you willing to come up and be mothers? Are you really willing to come up and get the strategies of God? What is your destiny? Are you burning with calling and destiny in the midst of your spirit? Yet, because of religious legalism and wrong interpretation of the word of God, you believe that you are not allowed to preach.


But it says that the Lord appeared to Mary Magdalene and she was the first one to preach. You remember her, the one who had seven demons? He appeared first to a woman, and she went running with the good news as a radical evangelist preaching, "He has risen!"


You need to look at the Word. There is freedom through Jesus. There is freedom through the Word of God. Nothing should stop us from being able to move radically in the things of the Lord. There needs to be a cry that says how much of Holy Spirit is burning in you! Have you gradually, over the decades, become seeker-friendly? Did you use to be more radical and wild in God? A little more on the cutting edge?

您需要查考神的話。藉著耶穌得到自由。上帝的話要釋放我們自由。沒有什麼可以阻止我們在一切主的事上按著正道而行。我們需要大聲呼喊說:聖靈正在妳的心中燃燒!數十年過去了, 妳是否正逐漸變得不再狂熱的去尋求神?妳過去是否曾經為主大發熱心?在神的裡面顛狂?甚至有一點過了頭?

In the Jesus People Movement, of which I was a part, we would go out and tell everyone about Jesus! We were broken, and we knew it. We came out of sin, and we knew it. We would go up to people and say, "I was broken and I was hurting, but I met a Man and He loves me. I met a Man and He loves me and His name is Jesus! He can heal you. He can set you free. I met a Man and He loves me!"


This is the simple Gospel. It has that radical cutting-edge. God wants you on the edge again. He wants a radical abandonment as lovers again. He doesn't want you to have to weigh everything out so that you are no longer a living testimony. He wants that radical heart that cries out, "Lord, I love You! I love You, Lord! I want You, Lord!" He wants that radical cry, that burning heart, where you used to love with such a radical fervency! You had passion! You were alive in every sense of that word! You were contagious and people wanted what you had!

福音就是這麼簡單。這麼單刀直入。 神要妳像以前那樣單純。祂要妳熾熱的放棄一切重新做祂的戀人。祂不要妳事事衡量輕重,以致於妳不再是一個活生生的見證。祂想聽到歸正的心大聲呼喊:「主阿,我愛你!我愛你,主阿!我需要你,主阿!」祂要聽到那歸回的呼求,要看到那顆燃燒的心,像妳過去那樣熾熱的愛主!妳曾經擁有激情!妳曾活躍在對主的熱情之中!妳對主的愛曾感染許多人人們想要妳所擁有的耶穌

We have now become churched. We have now become too polite. We have become too religious. We have learned, as women, that we better not speak. If we really say what truth is, and if it messes up the politics of the church, we will be judged as Jezebels. Some of you know what I am talking about!


Deborah vs. Jezebel


Why not be judged as a Deborah? The Lord is calling for the Deborahs to arise. Most women I have met are not Jezebels. They might have father issues. They might have to work through some healing issues, but that doesn't mean that they are demonically worshipping in front of idols with sexual perversion.


Jezebel was a governmental principality. She goes after government. And because most women, even though you might have government, are not in a place of government so it doesn't hit you as hard as the men. Jezebel is not male or female; it is a spirit that works through people. You need to look at that and then compare it to Deborah.

耶洗別代表一個控制慾。她追求權力。因為大多數的婦女,就算有控制慾,因為不在位上,不會像男性那樣容易受耶洗別的靈的影響。耶洗別的靈不是男性或女性;乃是藉著人在運作的邪靈。您需要看清楚這一點, 並與底波拉作比較。

What did Deborah do? She moved in government. She is what you call a five-fold minister. The Lord is raising up women as apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors. Yes, there is a corporate apostolic anointing that is starting to move, and we will all move in it like Christianity 101. This is a realm where the government and the weight of God come and people get saved, healed and delivered. That is part of what is moving now, but God is also moving people into office.


Jezebel moves governmentally. Deborah moves governmentally. Jezebel would kill anyone and take away everything that it could if it got its own way. Deborah moved as a team player. She moved with Barak. Deborah's husband's name means, "Shines like a lamp," and she was one who tended the lamp. You could see that there was relationship. Her husband was like a Christ figure, and she was like the Bride of Christ.


Jezebel moved with a murderous contempt. Deborah had the heart of a deliverer. She wanted to deliver the nation from oppression. She saw the people under heavy bondage, and her whole motivation of the heart was to serve.

耶洗別的動機是一個殺害的意圖。底波拉卻有一個拯救者的心腸。她想要將國家從壓迫中被拯救。她看見百姓在重軛之下, 而她全心全意的去服事。

Women Were Also Created in His Image


Most women I have met have hearts that want to be so right before Jesus that they will submit and grovel in order to honor and not offend. Women have hearts that are soft and want to honor, but sometimes this leads to false submission. We can be giving false honor--to the point of idolatry to the men--just because they are a guy. Ladies, idolatry is sin. The Bible says that in the Garden, man and woman were made in the image of God. They were co-equal, and they were both part of the Bride of Christ.


Women, you need to see that you are also made in the image of Christ! The enemy would like to come against the image of Jesus, the image of the Bride. We talk about the Joel 2 army coming forward, but it will never come forward unless the mothers also come into place. When it says the "sons and the daughters," we aren't just talking about daughters that are fifteen years old. It also means the daughters who are eighty or ninety years old--the mothers! Mothers also need to prophesy, and we need to have mothers in the house of God. This is healthy and an essential part of the Bride.

婦女們,妳須要看見妳也是按著基督的形像被造的!仇敵最喜歡攻擊耶穌的形像, 新婦的形像。我們談到約珥書第二章神的軍隊向前進,但是神的大軍不會向前進,除非屬靈的母親們站在她們的位置上。當聖經提到「兒女們」時,我們不是只指15歲的小女孩,也意味著80歲或90歲的女兒為母者。母親們同樣要說預言,我們在神的家中須要許多的母親 這是健康的新婦不可或缺的部分。

The image of God has been distorted when we only look at it as male and not man and woman, who are both part of the Bride of Jesus. Are you willing to have a voice? The enemy hates the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit brings radical salvations. The enemy also hates women because the Bible says that out of the seed of women, the head of the serpent would be bruised. Out of a woman, came the Deliverer. You see, women have a special anointing in warfare, I feel, to be able to discern and see the enemy. Therefore, our voices also have to come to the table of God.


How radical are you going to be? Have you gotten so churched that you won't even talk now? Have you gotten so churched that it is easy to just give in? We move with so much passive aggression. We get our own way in roundabout ways, which is manipulation. Are you willing to be clear and clean and put your heart on the table? We all have to weigh our own hearts. It doesn't mean we will "get our way" (that is not the point!), but we can sure be part of a team. We can sure be part of an army of the Lord!

妳將如何符合基要真理? 妳的教會生活是否已經一成不變而無話可說?妳是否已經輕易妥協?我們如此順從任人侵犯。我們在自己的生活方式中循環,其實是被操縱。妳是否願意把自己的心擺上被神顯露和潔淨?我們都必須衡量一下我們的心。這並不意味我們定意要「照我們的方式」(這不是重點!),但我們肯定是團隊中的一分子。我們肯定是主的軍隊中的一分子!

You need to come into place to protect the seed of the covenant! There needs to be something in you that is going to be a voice again; something in you that is willing to be a cry, a shout, a sound; something that is willing to see the enemy defeated. Mothers are protective. If they see someone coming after their kids, they yell or go into a watchman stance! There is a cry as watchman on the wall. These cries provide protection for the children in the house. And when the men team up with the women, supporting them in their place as mothers, great battles can be won!

妳需要站在妳的位置上保護誓約的種子!妳需要發出妳的心聲;在妳的心中有一個哭求, 一個呼喊,一個聲音;就是要看見敵人被擊敗。母親是保護者。如果她們看見某人在追擊她們的孩子,她們會呼叫或進入守衛姿態!城牆上有守夜者的呼聲。這些呼聲為在屋裡的孩子提供保護。並且當男人與婦女合作時,女人會像母親般支持他們,在偉大的戰場上得勝!

Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministries

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