Strategic Prophetic Word - Asia - Taiwan

by Rick Joyner
October 21 , 2002

I saw the island of Taiwan turn into a beautiful sailing ship. It was sailing on waters that changed from blue to green over and over. It was moving at a good speed but its sails became tattered and the hull of the ship worn and battered. Soon it was barely moving, but was just drifting with the currents. A harbor came into sight and it drifted toward the harbor while the harbor started moving toward it. Then the ship slipped into a dock that seemed to have been made to fit it perfectly. There, it was very quickly restored and emerged much larger and even more beautiful than before. As it moved toward the open sea it had two large cords attached to its stern and it was towing the nation of China out to sea with it.

INTERPRETATION: Ships in dreams and visions often represent leader-ship. This speaks of the extraordinary gift of leadership that has been given to the people of Taiwan . When I shared the vision in a meeting I was told that the colors of the two main political parties on Taiwan are blue and green which is most likely what the alternating blue and green water represented (these two parties have been alternating power for some time). I also felt that it represented an alternating anointing for vision (blue) and then teaching the vision (green). I felt because the ship was becoming worn and the sails tattered represents economic problems that would get so bad that the ship would begin to drift. This would cause it to drift toward the Mainland China, where a port had been prepared for it— Hong Kong . There its economy will be restored so that it becomes larger and more powerful than before. Then it will sail again and will help to pull Mainland China toward the open sea, or openness. Taiwan need not fear the loss of its freedoms, but will actually help to impart liberty to China that will give the other nations of the world much greater confidence in China .

NOTE: While in Taiwan I had a very strong feeling that it had been the Lord’s plan for Taiwan to develop economically the way it has so that it could help China . This island needs to understand that it has a purpose in helping China . Taiwan has often been called an “economic miracle” because it has done so much with so little, which is because of the anointing for leadership that it has been given. Now China can greatly use that leadership as it continues moving toward a market economy. Taiwan ’s economy will falter which will cause it to have to drift toward China --the largest potential market in the world, and no place is better suited to take advantage of this than Taiwan . However, it must not move too fast toward China , but let the currents carry it. Patient leadership on both sides will enable this to happen at the right time and it will be a near perfect fit. The Lord is going to impart an increasing love for their brethren in China to the people of Taiwan . There will even be an increasing desire for the leaders of Taiwan to make sacrifices and concessions in order to help China during this crucial stage of its development as a world economic power.

There is a saying that “The Lord really loves the Chinese people, which is why He made so many of them.” There is truth to this. While in Hong Kong I kept feeling a supernatural love for the Chinese people, especially the children. The Lord does want them well provided for. The coming economic prosperity of China is grace from the Lord, and is especially for the sake of the children. Ministries and programs that reach the children will be especially blessed by the Lord.

Rick Joyner, 10/21/2002





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