"I Saw a Vision of the Triumphant Reserve that was Being Held for a Time Such as This"
Chuck Pierce

Dear Changing Army:

This month we are concentrating on Creativity in Space and Time! If ever we need to understand that creative part of
us, now is the time! I have just completed the book, Redeeming the Time: Get Your Life Back on Track with the God of Second Opportunities. In this book I explain what the Lord called "The Triumphant Reserve." The Lord has given me a window to write this month. Your prayers are so valuable to keep the Heavens open so I hear what the Spirit is speaking to the Church! Also, I am writing a small booklet on the Triumphant Reserve to help us understand how we each fit within God's plan for this season.

A Vision: "The Triumphant Reserve!"

The Triumphant Reserve! This is a phrase that I want you to get used to. When the Lord caught me up into a realm of vision on May 31, 2008 at Liberty Park, New Jersey, the Spirit of the Lord showed me the timeframe in which He would work with this nation and other nations to produce fruit for the future. When I was looking down into the land, there were layers of darkness. I could see many areas, the glory realms of the earth, that were captured by darkness. I saw how God would have to change entire structures before He could bring forth the harvest for the future. I could see evil root systems planted in the land. I could see evil root systems in my own bloodline based upon land structures that had never been dealt with.

The Lord said, "My people are trying to manage their households and now I am going to have to cause the roots of the land to be pulled up and jarred. Therefore, you will again manage what I assign you, but this will be My time of uprooting. Allow Me to pull up evil structures. Manage what I am assigning you to manage while I am pulling up. Do not let your pride try to stop Me from pulling things up and out that need to be pulled up."

I saw a Triumphant Reserve that was being held for a "time such as this." Many had been on shelves, waiting, but now they were being called forth. Others were realigning in new ways so they could war with their destined tribe. The Spirit of God was calling forth His troops for this hour. The Spirit of God showed me this Reserve, their strength and position in each state in America. He then took me higher and showed me the Reserve and their war for the future in the nations of the earth, God's inheritance. He honored me by giving me a glimpse of the 153 sheep nations in the earth that the angels were contending over.

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